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Red Panda

The Red Panda/ Habre/ Firefox

Scinetific Name – Ailurus fulgens
Sub Species – Ailurus fulgens fulgens

Facts About Red Panda

Living Fossil

An unique charismatic species travelled millions of years in time with the help of their extraordinary survival strategies..

Unique Species

Red Panda is the only true Panda, they belong to a family on their own and discovered 75 years before Giant Panda.

Indicator species

Forests with wild population of Red Pandas considered to be a healthy and intact high altitude Eastern Himalayan ecosystem.

High Cuteness Index

Red Panda is one of the Cutest animal on earth. This can help them become a Iconic brand ambassador for Wild Life Conservation.

Logo of Mozilla Firefox

Big brands like Mozilla Firefox browser used Red Panda as their Logo and contributes towards its conservation.

Endangered Species

After surviving for millions of years now they are on the brink of extinction due to human pressure and habitat loss. Today only less than 2500 panda remains in the wild.


Despite being a carnivorous animal this helps to avoid the food competition. And in their habitat bamboo is in abundance.


Red Panda can only digest 24% of the Bamboo food, so they consume about 20,000 bamboo leaves a day.

Unique HandGrip

The extended wrist bone act as a Thumb to grab and hold the Bamboo. A similarity they have with the giant panda.

Sleeping Habbit

Red Panda prefer to eat sitting on tree branches to avoid land predators. They sleep on tree and even lick water from the moss.


Red Panda has perfect tree dwelling Claws.

Unique Color

Red Panda Color blend with Nature.

Sun reflective Color

Dark Red color helps them to absolves the sun effectively.


Red Panda can reach places, Predators cannot.


Red Panda use their long bushy Tail as Wraparound Blanket, It helps in the chilly Himalayan weather.

Sleeping Habbit

Red Panda sleep most of the Day Time. Though they eat in every 4-5 hours.


Red Panda uses Common Latrine. It is like visitors log book, contains all the information about other users.


Red Panda has double layered fur to deal with harsh weather, it also makes them water proof.

Furry Pad

Red Panda has furry pad to walk effortlessly on Ice


Red Panda Breeds in Winter and females are receptive only for a day in a year.

Habbit of Eating

Red Panda also eat Flowers like Rhododendron, Fruits like Sorbush, Kiwi, Insects, and Eggs etc.

Nocturnal Animal

Red Panda is Crepuscular to Nocturnal Animal. When food is in abundance, its better to avoid day predators.


Red Panda is Crepuscular to Nocturnal Animal. When food is in abundance, its better to avoid day predators.


Red Panda taste the air to sense danger, one similarity with reptile.

Playful Nature

Red Pandas are not slow animal especially cubs are very Playful.

Solitary Nature

Red Pandas are Solitary, other than breeding or Mother with Cubs.


Red Panda gives birth to 1-4 Cubs, stay with Mother for 18-20 Months.


Today only 50% of the Cubs survive in the Wild and the population is getting better in Singalila.