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About Us

About Habre's Nest

Habres Nest is a research hub cum wildlife tourism Centre promoted by like minded wildlife enthusiasts. We all have one thing in common a true love for nature and all the species it houses.
The dream of Habres Nest was ideated and executed by Shantanu who has been working in the Singalila ridge since 2011. Later the whole team is formed as Habres Nest in Nepal in Association with Forest Dwellers in India.
As Habres Nest, we intend to work towards Red Panda and its habitat conservation fueled by a world class and unique Red Panda tourism.
Tinchule-Singalila is still mostly known as a trekking route . But we can’t understand why a forest with such high wildlife diversity was not in the lime light. Our forays into this forests doing various wildlife and social activities gave us the opportunity to get to know this place at the back of our hands.
The more familiar we got with the place the more our love grew. Then came the idea of pioneering a sustainable tourism model that would secure the future of the Red Panda in one of its best-known habitat on earth, Tinchule-Singalila. Habres Nest is a Indo-Nepal joint venture, located at Kaiakata, Ilam, Nepal bordering Singalila National Park, India.
Habres Nest is a green initiative completely dedicated to the conservation of the Red Panda. We aim to give guests a once in a lifetime and exclusive Red Panda viewing experience that will filter benefits to the local community.
20% of the profits of Habres Nest directly go into conservation of this hostile Red Panda habitat. The greatest threat faced by the Red Panda today is habitat loss. Singalila is not free from this threat too. An estimated 32 Red Pandas live in these forests compared to 20,000 people that are dependent on its resources.
This is the time to act now . These people are willing to change if they are provided with sustainable alternate livelihood options. By choosing Habres Nest, each guest directly becomes a part of this change.

Our Team

This is home for the whole team. Every member of the team is an all-rounder. Right from construction to forest management to conservation to world-class tourism. Around 25 local people and their livelihood is involved with Habre’s Nest.

Shantanu Prasad

Director & Head Naturalist

Sohoni Bose

Project Manager

Phurba Sherpa

Head Chief & All-rounder

Mohan Thami

Head Housekeeping & All-rounder

Jamiyang Jjaba

Sue Chief & All-rounder

Alan Roy

Naturalist & All rounder

Ten Tashi

Landrover Head


Service & All rounder

Sonu Singha

All rounder


Driver & All rounder

Rudra Bhena

SNP Guide

Anup Barman

Head Ground Transfer